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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jamón, jamón

Jamón Serrano is a type of spanish dry-cured, uncooked ham, similar to italian prosciutto.
Nowadays, it is one of my favourite tastes, though I did not expect that when I saw it for first time. ''How people can eat that fatty, disgusting legs?!''- I asked myself.
Much more expensive version, made from black pigs is called  jamón ibérico (pictured).

Photos  taken  in St Antoni Mercat in Barcelona, Spain.

Jamón, jamón- spanish film from 1992, directed by: Bigas Luna, starring: Penélope Cruz, Jordi Mollà and Javier Bardem.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That's the problem with meat. It looks so terrible but tastes so good!

    Great post and great blog :)

    -The Anon Blogger

  3. i love jambon crisps abroad!

  4. Może w całości nie zachęca do zjedzenia, to jednak pokrojony...mhmm...niebo w gębie!

  5. Amiga mia.
    Es un placer recibirte en mi blog y otro mas grato para mi, visitar el de vos.
    pero lo que si es verdaderamente grato en esta vida, es poder comer una racion del mejor JAMON, del mundo.
    Un Jabgo 5J, de pata negra acompañado con una copita de manzanilla de San Lucas, Cadiz. mencionar que en mi provincia se curan estos esplendidos jamones.

    Un abrazo.


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