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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Belém Tower

or Torre de Belèm en Portuguese.  Situated in the Belem district of Lisbon. Recognised by  UNESCO as Heritage Side because of its  significant role in the Age of Discoveries.
The Tower was built in 1515 as a fortress.  With the fortresses of Cascais and Caparica formed  a part of defence system at the mouth of the Tagus River.
The Tower served  as a watchtower of Lisbon's port , but  also as a landmark for sailors. In later periods became a prison.
It was and it is still symbol of maritime power of Portugal.

 For me the Tower of Belem has a special meaning. First time when  I have seen it I felt that  a small part of my dreams become a reality.

Since I can remember I always dreamt of travelling.
In the past, this tower was  an epitome of many  traveller's dreams...

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