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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

101 walks around Barcelona (by Agnieszka)

Last time I have been invited, this time I invite.
Today special post by special Guest- Agnieszka from Nuno Aga Barcelona
When  first time I  have seen  her blog I immediately fell in love. 
Without a second thought I asked Agnieszka to  write  a post on my blog, about Barcelona,            
of course. 
Her response to my invitation  below. 

I don’t have anything against public transportation. But every time I can, I prefer to walk.
When you arrive to Barcelona for the very first time, you discover that it is a perfect city to get to know by walking. 

With every walk, you discover some unknown place, some hidden gem, and you are like a child waiting for a Christmas present, not knowing what awaits you around the corner.  It can by some Guadi’s original and stunning building (when you walk around Eixample district), it can be Gothic cathedral or church (if you lost yourself in the maze of dark narrow streets of Gothic Quarter or Born), or human figures (that is when you stick to a touristic Ramblas).

 There are so many architectonical details, street art, performers that are waiting to be discovered, that you can’t be fed up with the city during your first visit, or the third or after two years living here. And every district has its unique atmosphere. I can spend hours exploring Raval, Gótico or Born district. I look for original little shops, old bars that are almost exclusively visited by locals,, squares that are the so alive. As in Barcelona the life happens on the streets. One example to confirm the above are  local fiestas (you should mark Festa de Gracia or la Merce in your calendar and book your flight), decorations, celebrations, traditions, parties-it is a great way to get to know Barcelona from a different perspective. 

And since I am a foodie, I think one of the best ways of discovering Catalan capital is through food. Pa amb tomaquet, fuet, cava, patatas bravas, you must try them in small bars that are run by the same family for decades (try Quimet&Quimet, Pinotxo, Vaso de Oro… well, the list is endless, there are so many good places to try new flavours). And what is better after a nice meal than a long walk on the beach?
I could give you many more reasons to walk around Barcelona. But isn’t it better you discovered them on your own?

Having you as a guide?  No doubt - it is!
Thank you again, dear!


  1. Dziękuję bardzo i mam nadzieję, że choć kilka osób namówię na spacery w Barcelonie :)

    1. ja juz jestem namowiona, na pewno jeszcze zawitam w Barcelonie, chyba,z e los inaczej zdecyduje i pojade na ALaske np:)

    2. Alaska ciekawym kierunkiem jest :) Chętnie pooglądam zdjęcia :) A Barcelona, i fotogeniczna i klimatyczne :)

  2. Do Agnieszki zaglądam czasem, ale Twój blog uwielbiam ;)


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